He was the youngest child in my family and was only 18 years old.He dropped out of school when he was 14 and got a job at a butcher’s. I remember him as an obidient and calm type of man.

I remember that day very well. I was at the university and I thougth it would be a good idea to visit a doctor firend who worked in a hospital nearby. When I arrived at the hospital, somebody told me that my firend, the doctor, was in the operating room and I couln not see him, so I decided to go back to the university.

I cannot remember exactly what happened next. But somehow I was told that the pacient who had been brought into  the operating room in the same hospital where my friend worked, was my little brother……you know. I felt terribly bad. My brother was there on a hospital bed without one of his hands, his right one. He had had a seriors accident at work. He later said that he had been grinding some meat on a machine.

A week after the accident, I went to Puruandiro to have my professional practices as a doctor and for about three months, I had nightmares about human bodies with limbs removed and things like that. This made me realize how badly I had been affected by the whole situation. Eventually, I became used to the idea but still dealt with the nightmares which seemed were there to stay.

I take pity on my brother and help him whenever he needs it although he has learned to do a lot of things by himself and which we all regularly do using our both hands.

It has been a hard situation for my brother and to all my family, but the good thing is that  my brother is gradually getting over it all.

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       I remember when I was a child, I dreamed of a beautiful room, but my room was not completely built and I had to share it with my sister. There was only a bed for both and sometimes I needed to be alone but at other times I wanted to stay alone. Now it is the same situation I continue sharing my room with my husband.

      Anyway, I consider that it is mine, even though it is the place where we are most of the time. I consider it my room. It has rough lemon green walls, a soft bed and a big mirror the front of  which is full of papers that I used to put up when I need to remember something. There is a TV but I really do not like TV at all. I have all my shoes in the closet. I love my shoes. I would like to have more, but If I had more……where I would put them? In a corner my computer sits sadly because it crashed last week.

       The closet was made of beautiful and sweet smelling cedar wood. Beside it, I rest and read in a comfortable chair. On a wall a picture is hanging that I cross stitched by hand. A window with a clean, elegant and white curtain is open all the time except at night, of course. The ceiling is perfectly white, with a little bulb which is necesary to turn on at nights.

       It is a place where you can breathe tranquility. I used to be there for hours. All the time there is a soft perfume which comes from a lemon tree planted a long time ago. You can feel the air hitting your face through the window.

       This is my favorite place because it is full of memories. It is the perfect place for resting, thinking or crying if I want to. But mostly, it is my favorite because I see my sons playing from here all the time.



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Hello world!

Hi Everybody! This is my first blog . I hope I enjoy it with all of my classmates.I don’t like blogging cause I have  never done this before. It’s so hard for me , nevertheless I’ll try  to do my best.

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